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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

8 Things You Can’t Put in the Disposal

Water Running into a Sink with a Pot Scrubber Lying In ItIn the event that your Oviedo rental home has a garbage disposal, you already have the idea that it is one of the hardest-working appliances in the kitchen. Yet, that doesn’t imply that it can handle all types of “garbage.” Even if most garbage disposals handle a lot of food scraps with ease, there are a few things that you should never put in a garbage disposal. Doing so could damage the disposal’s motor, blades, and more. To avoid expensive repairs and keep your garbage disposal working great, keep these items out of your kitchen sink.

  1. Coffee grounds. It may appear as though those coffee grounds would just slip right down your kitchen pipes; the truth is they can build up in your pipes and create a nasty sludge. Making an effort to grind them up with the disposal won’t do your disposal blades any good, either.
  2. Eggshells. Not everybody agrees that eggshells should stay out of your garbage disposal, but they can definitely mess everything up. The shell’s thin membrane can get stuck around your disposal’s blades and cause the entire thing to break down. It’s more beneficial to just toss your eggshells in the trash instead.
  3. Fruit seeds and pits. Small, hard objects should never be put down your garbage disposal. Fruit seed and pits are definitely in this category. In the event that you can’t cut the seeds or pit with a knife, your garbage disposal won’t be able to grind it up, either.
  4. Popcorn kernels. In the same way that fruit seeds, popcorn kernels are too hard for your disposal blades to grind. Those kernels will get stuck in your disposal’s machinery and cause the whole thing to seize up. Trying to get them back out can be a real nightmare, too.
  5. Bones and seafood shells. Very small bones and seafood shells might slip through the disposal without too many problems, but larger ones will make a mess of your plumbing and your disposal unit, too. Most bones are too hard and dense for the disposal to break down. They will clog your pipes.
  6. Potato peels. It is tempting to simply wash your potato peels down the drain and let your disposal try to chew them up. But potato peels are full of starch, which will cause them to clump together in a thick paste that can clog your pipes. The same holds true for rice.
  7. Fibrous vegetables. Any type of vegetable that is stringy should be kept away from your garbage disposal. Celery, pumpkin, lettuce, artichokes, and asparagus can all get wrapped around your disposal’s blades. This can result in expensive plumbing repairs.
  8. Nuts. In more ways than one, your garbage disposal blades are a lot like a blender. Whatever you put down there will get ground up. When you grind nuts, the end product is nut butter, which is sticky and not at all good for your disposal or your pipes. It can stick to the walls of your pipes and the inside of your disposal, creating clogs and other types of problems.

Beyond these eight items, a good rule of thumb for keeping your garbage disposal working properly is if you wouldn’t dump it down the drain, don’t put it in the disposal. By knowing what you shouldn’t put in a garbage disposal, you can avoid unnecessary maintenance calls and repairs. Your landlord will love you for it!

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